02:24 min / Stop Motion / 2012

Regel Null

"Regel Null" is a hommage to one of the experimental films of Harry Kramer, "Die Schleuse" from 1961. The shortfilm was realized as a assignment for the symposium "Fundsache Kramer" in Lübeck in 2012.

The film and the set are now part of the permanent exhibition of the puppet theatre museum in Lübeck.

By Florian Maubach, Maike Koller, Monika Kostrzewa, Uli Baumann, Daniel Maass, Lukas Thiele, Jana Kreisl, Sebastian Jurchen and Theresa Grysczok


Cinanima, Espinho, Portugal
Ahoi Festival, Hamburg, Germany
Oder Kurz Festival, Oderaue, Germany
Rejected Festival, Innsbruck, Austria
Backup Festival, Weimar, Germany
Go East Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany
HAFF, Utrecht, Netherlands
Go Short Festival, Maastricht, Netherlands
M2Live Festival Maastricht, 1st prize, Netherlands
Camp1 Festival, Halle an der Saale, Germany

Visoinale Frankfurt, Germany
Dokfest Kassel, Germany