Short Film / Pixilation, Stop Motion / 2016

Tracing Coyotes, A Dog Crosses My Way

"Tracing Coyotes, A Dog Crosses My Way" is an attempt to resize the space between dogs and humans. We're looking through abstractions, textures, language and gestures to find ways to connect, finding observing eyes and dare interpretation.

Eeva Ojanperä and me realized this film in 2016. With friendly help from our companions Lumi and Luzi.

Festivals and Exhibitions:
Interfilm Festival, Berlin, Germany
Sacalacalaca Festival Interdimensional de Horror & Sci-Fi, Mexico
Festival Stop Motion Montréal, Canada
Fantoche - International Film Festival, via DIAF, Baden, Switzerland
"Sticky Frames & friends" at "Fenster 9" - Open Air Screening
Platzhirsch Festival 2017, Duisburg, Germany
"Tracing Coyotes" - exhibition at "Fenster 9", during documenta 14, Kassel, Germany
"vision/version", group exhibition 26.04.17-7.7.2017, Verwaltungsgerichtshof Kassel, Germany
63. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Open Screening, Oberhausen, Germany
Animania / Transformator II - DIAF - Kurzfilmreihe zum Thema Trickfilmkollektive, Dresden, Germany
Recontres du film cours Madagascar, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Flimmerzimmer, Sticky Frames on Tour, Berlin, Germany
Offkino Bielefeld, Sticky Frames on Tour, Bielefeld, Germany
SFC Women's Film Festival, New York, US
Kask Cinema, Sticky Frames on Tour, Gent, Belgium
Berlin Student Film Festival, Berlin, Germany
Neujahrsfest 2017, Kassel, Germany

Kurzfilmtag 2016, Kassel, Germany
Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Fredrikstad, Norway
Hessischer Hochschulfilmtag, Kassel, Germany
Kasseler Video und Dokumentarfilm Fest, Kassel, Germany